The Venue

The venue will be outside in an open-air barn with a roof and heating lamps. If the weather doesn't allow it, we will be inside the main building. The site is situated in green surroundings with a possibility for children to play and adults to stretch their legs. During the evening it will also be possible to get a guided tour of the Museum of carriages (further details to come). 


Dress Code 

Semi-formal wedding attire. We suggest bringing an extra pair of comfortable shoes and something warmer for the evening. The average temperature in May is 18 degrees Celsius.



Food will be served all night long with a wide selection of fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Accommodation (one night free) 

We will provide free accommodation for one night, May 25th. Please contact the hotel to confirm your stay. Reservation deadline is May 2, 2018. Please mention “Natasza & Rikard Wedding”.


Hotel Eclipse Spa (5 min drive from venue)

Kwiatowa 75,

55-040 Domaslaw, Polen

+48 510 555 600


Taxi To and From the Venue

We will provide taxi shuttle service from the hotel to the venue and back all night long for free. If your hotel is in Wroclaw or in another location please feel free to contact the taxi company and book your own journey at a discounted price, please mention "Natasza & Rikard Wedding".


Taxi company info

"Phone number coming soon"

Code: "coming soon"



Our dear and talented friends Manuella & Martin will be the photographers of the evening. We hope they will find some time to party with us too. Please check out their website:


Socialmedia - Facebook & etc.

Take as many pictures of the evening as you want but please don't post any pictures of us on any socialmedia. Thank you for your consideration.

Wedding Details